The Ultimate guide on buying/selling property

Thanks to the whole host of professional and personal conveyancing services on offer, Geographe Settlements – located in Western Australia – is here to serve you as the ultimate guide when it comes to all aspects of property transferral. Irrespective of whether you’re buying or selling, the cost effective solutions provided by our conveyancer effectively takes all the stress out of what can be a greatly time consuming and pricey process.

Property conveyancing founded on tremendous experience and vast amounts of knowledge can effectively work towards ensuring that this particularly tricky real estate transaction is able to proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible: a highly experienced property settlement agent looks to guarantee that each and every concerned party is ready, come settlement time – all the while looking after the interests of their client; that is, your own best interests.

Very few individuals looking to either buy or sell property realise that these days, almost every corporate based real estate agency now owns their very own settlement agency, as well. This can serve as a particularly harmful and costly conflict of interest at your expense – especially when it comes to providing you with the best possible property settlement services. Luckily for people interested in property all over Western Australia, Geographe Settlements aren’t owned by any property developer, financial Institution, or real estate agency – we are incredibly proud to operate as both an independently owned and locally owned conveyancer.

Based in WA, our property conveyancing takes care of you throughout the entire complicated settlement process: we’ll handle the transfer of Certificate of Titles, buyer and seller correspondence; lender communication, provide all the necessary paperwork, and ensure all documentation is signed and accounted for. In essence, our property conveyancing agency serves you and your best interests as the ultimate guide when settling your property.