5 factors to consider when choosing settlement agency

  1. Will they communicate regularly with you?

Without consistent communication, a conveyancer may end up missing important details that risk jeopardising a settlement. An ideal settlement agent will regularly keep in touch with you and your real estate agent – as well as the settlement agent acting for the other parties – rather than make assumptions. Our settlement services offered throughout Tutunup, Bunbury, and Busselton don’t simply assume sellers know which date to move out on and how to hand keys over – all the while leaving them to wait for contact and having them still living in the property come settlement date.

      2. Do they understand your situation?

As each and every property transaction is totally unique, never choose a settlement agent that treats you like a number. The contract terms, the property involved, and your personal circumstances will always differ slightly from the next client. You deserve a settlement agent who asks the right questions pertinent to your unique situation – perhaps you’re planning a trip away during settlement or you have special concerns regarding the settlement process?
Our settlement services confer between both you and your real estate agent prior to taking any action on your behalf. In this way, we’re able to pick up on every influential detail that might affect your settlement – especially ones that end up costing you money.

      3. Will they put the appropriate amount of care into your property transaction?

When dealing with far too many cases, even the best and most professional conveyancers can make a few mistakes. These can include:

  • glancing over the certificate of title rather than precisely examining it, leading to the wrong property being transferred
  • significant stamp duty penalties caused by a failure to lodge a stamp duty contract in time after signing of the Offer and Acceptance

If given the opportunity to pay each file the appropriate attention, conveyancers can, however, avoid these troubles. That’s why our settlement services offered throughout Busselton, Tutunup, and Bunbury are all about quality, not quantity: we never take on more than we can handle.

      4. Are they a lawyer or a settlement agent?

Under Australian law, any accredited lawyer is certified to carry out the work of a conveyancer – they can also dispense legal advice. Yet most legal firms deal with a whole host of cases which have little – if nothing – to do with property. In contrast, a qualified conveyancer offering quality services only ever deals with a range of settlements, dedicating all their time and attention to the field each and every day. Using a licensed settlement agent – rather than a lawyer – affords you a better working knowledge of the complexities – the various ‘ins and outs’ – of the entire settlement process.

      5. Do they charge a fixed fee?

There are many more considerations than just money when it comes to property settlement – perhaps the most significant transaction you’ll ever make. But on the other hand, fees naturally remain an important concern for many sellers and buyers. That’s why when receiving a quote from a conveyancer, you need to know:

  • Is the quoted fee all-inclusive?
  • Is the fee fixed?
  • Will extra fees be added after settlement if a case faces complications?

Not only is our agency able to provide the best in professional and reliable settlement services that guarantee value for money, we’re also proud in making fees as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Thanks to the diverse variety of expert settlement services delivered all throughout Western Australia – including regions such as Tutunup, Bunbury, and Busselton – Geographe Settlements are an agency you can trust and depend on – time and time again. Contact us today.