5 benefits of hiring a settlement agent

Many people often wonder: “What exactly is a settlement agent?”, as well as “Why do I need one?” To put it simply, as a professional representative qualified to handle property transactions, settlement agents are the ones responsible for the transferal of any property from one owner to another. Each and every time an individual decides they want to buy or sell a property, they will ultimately need the expert assistance of a settlement agent. The office of a settlement agency typically consists of multiple conveyancers who do the ground work, lay the foundations and actually perform the transferring of a property between two parties themselves. Hiring a settlement agent can offer you a whole host of benefits, as – in effect – conveyancers are accredited professionals who understand just how to properly and precisely:

  1. Efficiently search for title deeds and all the other necessary documents pertinent to the quick, timely, and cost effective transferal of property between two parties
  2. Correctly complete and fill out numerous files including official Transfer of Title documentation
  3. Promptly correspond and clearly communicate with all the various parties involved in order to ensure and guarantee that the outlined clauses of the Offer and Acceptance have actually been met
  4. Ensure that the proper rates have been paid all the while making sure that their client’s finances have been accordingly sorted, in addition to
  5. Attend settlements on their clients’ behalf (often, an outside party – most generally a clerk – will perform this task instead)

“But wait – can't I just do all this by myself and save big on all those expensive and costly settlement agency fees?”

The answer is: of course! However, while individuals are more than able to legally attempt to settle their own property all by themselves, the Department of Commerce seriously cautions against it: unless you possess the necessary skills and industry leading knowledge of a suitably qualified and accredited lawyer, educated conveyancer, or professional settlement agent, it would be very disadvantageous and extremely unwise to attempt to carry out the successful settlement of your own property. As an incredibly sophisticated and time consuming business, the complex process of property settlement poses a whole host of significant legal dangers and serious financial risks to the uninitiated: with many traps and pitfalls for the unwary, uneducated and unprepared, it is highly recommended to leave handling this particularly tricky process to those best suited to take care of it – properly trained individuals and professionals. It is solely for this reason that most people utilise the services of and heed the expert advice offered to them by a team of licensed settlement agents that are all dedicated to performing the complicated and intricate work of conveyancing.

In other words, when it comes to effectively taking the sting out of transferring property in regions and areas such as Dunsborough, Bunbury, Margaret River, and Busselton, it’s best to leave it to the professionals: look to the industry leading expertise offered by a team of highly experienced settlement agents in order to take care of all your property transferral needs with the most minimal of fuss, stress, and legal troubles. For a highly flexible, mobile, and cost effective conveyancer – in conjunction with a team of settlement agents that specialise in each and every aspect of residential settlements right across Western Australia and its suburbs – look no further than Geographe Settlements. We are a settlement agent located in the South West of WA – servicing Bunbury and Busselton; Dunsborough and Margaret River – that offers unbeatable settlement agency support, complete with unparalleled professionalism, truly honest advice, industry leading experience, and unrivalled results.